SuperLab 5——刺激呈现软件
 SuperLab 是用于 Mac OS X (10.3.9 or later) 和 Windows XP/2000 的刺激呈现软件。 在经过大概5年的开发后,新的 SuperLab 4 引进了许多新特性,




支持 JPEG, GIF, PNG, 和 TIFF 文件

内建对 RSVP 和自控朗读的支持

改良的对 fMRI 和 EEG/ERP 的支持


条件分支 (if/then/else)


新的 SuperLab 4.0 是 100% 重写,并且是原生的 Unicode 应用程序,能像处理英文字体那样简单的处理日文、中文,以及其他国际字体。

毫无疑问的,SuperLab 4 在消除以前版本的几乎所有限制后,仍然保留了创建一个实验的最简单方法。 


A cornerstone feature in SuperLab 5, parameters let you keep count, recall responses and text strings, and keep track of presented trials.  Use them for recall later on or to make decisions such as which trial or block to present.

Rules: Simplified Conditional Branching

It is rare that a feature can be made simpler and more powerful at the same time, but that’s what happened with Rules* in SuperLab 5.  When combined with parameters, complex experiments suddenly become straightforward to build – still without the need to learn a programming language.

Even More Simplified Rules

SuperLab 5 is obsessive in simplifying and tries to eliminate the need to create rules in the first place.

We looked at commonly used features such as limiting the number of trials presented in a block, or pausing an experiment to give participants a break.  And we made them... a simple checkbox!

Simplified Looping

Repeating trials, or looping, is another commonly used feature. SuperLab 5 makes looping a simple option to choose as well.

New Randomization Options

SuperLab 5 offers multiple ways to randomize stimulus lists.  Items from two lists can be paired*, unpaired, or crossed with a simple click of a button.

Display Names, Results, and More

You can now display at run-time a participant’s name, number of correct responses, or any parameter of your choosing.

More Powerful Feedback

Now there is the ability to check for a specific participant response*.  And when a condition is met, the list of actions at your disposal is considerably expanded.

Improved EEG/ERP Support

SuperLab 5 improves support for EEG experiments in two key areas:

  • The Digital Output event type now supports using stimulus lists.

  • SuperLab can now display a light sensor patch alongside a stimulus of your choosing, making it easier to mark the precise onset of visual stimuli with StimTracker.